Final Round Result

Congratulations to all the winners of the 7th Hong Kong International Music Festival. Please apply for the award application before the deadline
Thank you for your support to the 7th Hong Kong International Music Festival during the outbreak. The organizing committee has decided to provide free online master classes and further education lectures for participation. For details, please click ” here “.

*The deadline for awards applications: 23:59 on November 13, 2020
*The money of prize will split when two or more contestant in the same prize.
* Those who do not apply for the award link will be issued by the District Organizing Office

A 小提琴组 Violin
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B 中提琴组 Viola
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C 大提琴组 Cello
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D 低音大提琴组 Bass
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E 木管乐组 Beginner Woodwinds
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F 铜管乐组 Brass
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G 爵士鼓组 Drum Kit
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H 钢琴组 Piano
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HA 四手联弹组 Four Hands
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J 竖琴组 Harp
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K 结他组 Guitar
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LA 流行声乐 Pop Voice
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LB 美声声乐 Vocal
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LC 民族声乐 Ethnic Vocal
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M 东方舞组 Oriental Dance
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N 民乐吹管 Chinese Woodwinds
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P 民乐拉弦 Chinese Strings
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QA 民乐弹拨(一) Chinese Plucked Strings
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QB 民乐弹拨(二) Chinese Plucked Strings
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电声乐器 Electronic Music
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T 室内乐 Chamber
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U 西乐组 Ensemble
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管弦乐团 Orchestra
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X 民乐小组 (合奏) Chinese Ensemble Secondary
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Z 关爱组 Community Care
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