About Hong Kong International Music Festival

Backed by the motherland rooted in Hong Kong, and connected to the world, the Hong Kong International Music Festival is a large-scale music event that integrates Chinese and foreign musical, pop, modern and various types of music and cultural activities. Through various activities such as music camps, study tours, competitions, concerts, master classes, and seminars, the festival attracts musical talents and masters from home and abroad to gather in Hong Kong, promote the exchange of music from all walks of life, and promote the development of international musical culture and artistic interaction. The Hong Kong International Music Festival, which was first held in 2013, attracted about 3,000 participants. By the time of the sixth Hong Kong International Music Festival in 2019, the number of participants had increased to nearly 90,000, with more than 150 countries and regions participating globally, including China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as cities such as Macau and Taiwan.

In 2023, we will welcome the “10th Hong Kong International Music Festival”. On this meaningful day, HKIMF will continue to dedicate ourselves to building an international music exchange platform that belongs to China’s Hong Kong. This year, we will hold the “1st International Society for Music Education Summit “, which aims to integrate internationally renowned music education universities and bring together scholars and professors to Hong Kong to discuss how music education can inspire and stimulate positive thinking in humans, and how learning music can enhance the confidence, moral behavior, social integration, and self-learning ability of young people and children.

The music festival and summit forum will last for seven days, from August 20 to 26, 2023 at the Sha Tin Rural Committee Building and Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. We firmly believe that through the sincere interaction and research of experts from various countries, important parameters and educational guidelines can be provided to promote innovative models of music education. This event will make a significant contribution to the people who live on this planet, as well as to the peace-loving young people and children. The forum has been recognized and accepted by dozens of international music colleges and educational institutions, including Schoenfeld International Music Society, California State University, Los Angeles, Vancouver Academy of Music, S.K. Lee College, Texas Christian University The School of Music, The Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy, ChugyeUniversity for the Arts, South China Normal University School of Music, Sekolah Tinggi Internasional Konservatori Musik Indonesia (STIKMI) and Shenzhen City Philharmonic, etc. The Hong Kong International Music Festival will continue to uphold the core value of music and promote cultural exchange and mutual learning between China, Hong Kong, and overseas, working together to create a global community of shared destiny in music, thereby enhancing the idea of mutual recognition and respect among music lovers around the world. If the event is successfully held, we expect nearly 4,000 experts, professors, and participants to come to Hong Kong, turning it into a city of music overnight. We hope that music can add more vitality to Hong Kong.